Monday, November 9, 2009

Blakely's Quilt

Our pastor's daughter just had a baby girl and I made this quilt for her. I used a free pattern from and a charm pack from April Cornell's Portugal line. Mr. Nichol's from Kinder quilted it for me.

New Member to the Farm

My husband Tresmer has a small goat herd and this is one of the new babies. My daughter's dog Jacque didn't know what to think about this.

My Stash from Quilt Festival

This was added to my stash when I went to Quilt Festival in Houston. Like I needed adding anything to what I already have. But I just can't help myself (Hee Hee)

Britt's 21

Our daughter Brittany was 21 October 13th. We all met at Casa Manana in Lake Charles to celebrate her birthday. It's hard to believe our baby girl is 21!

The Bushnell Reunion

This was my grandmother Viola Bushnell Savant's family reunion. My grandmother is the 1st one to your right. Out of 13 children there are 10 children left. My grandmother is the oldest at 91. All of these people have special places in my heart. What a great family to have.