Friday, June 11, 2010

Our Vacation

Just got back from our vacation to Branson, Missouri.  We had a great time just the 2 of us.  Nice going with the kids but it was also nice all by ourselves, we got to do our own thing and we spent alot less money. (Ha)  The picture of the skies is how it looked on the day we left.  I have never seen anything like it, pretty but weird.  The 6 Camaro's were for the show, "6".  It was six brothers, they made their own music with their mouths and the singing was great.  We also seen the show, "Pierce Arrow" also great, loved their comedian and the last show we saw was, "The Haygoods" this is 7 siblings, very talented family.  All were great, I laughed one night so much that my jaws ached.  On our way home we stayed one night in Mena, Arkansas at Wilhomenia Inn it had beautiful views.  Glad to be home after taking the scenic route home (like a snake).

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